Quality Policy

NuSpace is committed to conducting our activities in a way that ensures our products are safe, protect the health and safety of our employees, our neighbors and the natural environment, and protects our products from damage. We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations and will not hesitate to go beyond legal requirements if, in our prudent judgment, a higher level of performance is in order. The basic principles of our philosophy to implement this commitment include the following:

• All levels of management are responsible for the implementation of the Environment, Health and Safety EH&S program.
• Management will encourage open communication with our employees.
• Employees will be trained in, and are expected to follow established safety practices and to contribute to the enhancement of these practices.
• Employees are expected to communicate all known hazards and incidents to supervision.
• Employees have the authority to halt any process if they believe that continued operation could result in an incident .
• All hazards will be eliminated or adequately safeguarded to prevent incidents.
• Superior safety performance is crucial for business growth and to improve overall product and process quality.
• Activities will be conducted in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, procedures and standards.
• Acting in accordance with these applicable laws, regulations, procedures and standards is a condition of employment.

Protecting our fellow employees, customers, the public, our products, and the environment is achievable. Through timely planning and execution of this policy, we will meet our quality, cost and schedule commitments in a safe manner, which in turn, will lead to excellence in customer satisfaction. This policy will be made available to the public upon request.

Quality Management System and 3rd Party Certification

NuSpace’s Quality Management System has been developed to foster enthusiastic participation of all team members in producing first time quality and continuous improvement. To ensure our system meets or exceeds industry norms, we subject ourselves to rigorous audits performed by internal staff as well as third party auditors. Our third party certifications and our system of continuous improvement allows our customers to buy with confidence.